Welcome to the Jaxon Kennel Club, Inc.

Promoting Canine-Human interaction since 1944

 Our kennel club is a collection of great folks whose mission is to further the interests of showing in conformation and obedience and the camaraderie of dog lovers is what brings us together in a common bond for the betterment of the American Kennel Club purebred dog community.  Our liaisons are up to date on legislation which affects dogs and owners and we present all pertinent issues at our monthly meetings. 

Our 2014 show was a great success!

LABOR DAY WEEKEND  2015, Sept. 5 & 6 Labor Day Weekend (Pending)

This show is a source of accomplishment and pride for our members and a great place to socialize and to learn about the many AKC recognized breeds. We also provide training classes in both conformation and obedience which are open to the public and the club presents programs with guest speakers on varied canine topics.

Our members are a diverse group of folks that vary from obedience experts, conformation judges, AKC delegates, pro-handlers and outstanding breeders who are happy to share our talents and skills with those interested in joining. 

We encourage you to inquire about the Jaxon Kennel Club and to attend our meetings and contribute with your ideas for the betterment of the purebred dog and all canines.


New meeting site; Jackson County Fairgrounds Office/conference room, 200 W. Ganson St. We still meet the 4th Thursday of each month at 6:30pm

Jaxon Kennel club members donated $500 to Sampson Morris, age 3 years old. Sampson has a rare congenital heart defect, and had to under go open heart surgery. read more

Upcoming Events

  • Fall 2014 classes will start September 17 and run for 8 weeks to November 5th.
  • Winter 2015 classes will start Feb.26 and run 8 weeks to April 16th

 … watch this space for news about future events and classes